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Social media is used daily by over 3 billion people in the world, and users can be found in any age group. Advertisers can reach their target group through social media advertising, almost with absolute certainty.

One of the best qualities of social media is precise targeting. You do not need to (nor should you) advertise to large masses, instead strikes can be avoided with targeting the ad for the preferred certain group of people.

This group can consist of certain people that share the same interests, people visiting your site or perhaps someone who is already a customer.

Because of social media’s different targeting opportunities, to different buyers the message can be communicated differently. Modern day customers can be reeled in to repurchasing and additional purchasing and the so called ‘’cold customer base’’ can be approached with a different message.

One of the best factors of social media advertising is, that your creativity can be set free. Different advertising messages can be tested endlessly and based on results choose the best option.

In addition, advertising does not always need to be too polished; authentic, low budget advertising can work even better than the endlessly polished. In social media advertising courageously different communication attracts.

Social media advertising ≠ posts on Facebook- (and other social media) sites

It is good to notice that social media advertising is different from only creating posts for businesses social media sites. These two are completely different from each other. Social media marketing is a vast concept, that involves not only advertising and customer journey, but also community management.

Posts on your social media sites are visible for people who like your page, and these same posts can be used for broader audience through advertising. Posts do have some value for a brand, but the truth is unfortunately that without paid advertising your message is visible to a very few people. Posts should be supported with taking them as a part of paid advertising in order to get the wanted results.

Sure, being active in communities can also gain you a lot – It takes tons of work and likes, but it will reward you.

No matter what customs and goals fit your business, social media marketing is an important step of customer journey and it works as an attention-grabbing communication at the top of the marketing funnel.

Help with social media advertising

We will create clear and goal oriented social media marketing strategy and implement it well. Creativ’s strength is in giving attention to both creative and databased solutions. Social media is a channel where both are needed to be optimal.

Creativ is an excellent choice for its price-quality ratio especially for start-ups, smaller and medium sized companies marketing efforts. Marketing is always tailored to fit your business needs.

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