SEO, content & marketing training

What search engine optimization means and how is it done? What should a content producer pay particular attention to when publishing content to digital media? How to plan digital marketing campaigns effectively? We train small teams on these topics at your company’s premises or remotely.

Tell us what you would like to learn – the training is always tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive SEO Training

Search engine optimization training introduces you to how search engines work and how you can gain visibility for your products and services. Properly done search engine visibility saves your marketing budget as it is free!

In this training, you will learn the meaning of keywords and their use in content. We also cover the importance of site technology and reputation management.

The training is suitable for beginners as well as those who already know something about search engine optimization.

The training is held by Virpi Mölsä, a marketing, search engine optimization and content professional.

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300/half day

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