Ensure that customers find your page by search engine optimization (seo)

Keywords relevant to your business are the foundation of all digital visibility in Google’s natural search engine results. As the saying goes, the best place to hide your body is on Google’s second search results page, and of course, you don’t want to hide with your pages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows your site to be more easily found in search results. Your site may have content or technical deficiencies that prevent visibility. We help identify these shortcomings and make your site more customer-friendly.

Why it is so important to be visible in search engines?

Well-optimized pages serve in many different ways. With search engine optimization you can achieve:

  • free traffic to your site = more opportunities for sales
  • a clearer picture of your company and what it has to offer
  • reputation management and a better customer experience
  • more concise brand communication

When you google something yourself, how many results do you click? So, in general, the first result gets 30% of the clicks, the second result less than 15% and the third less than 10%. The number of clicks on the following results is already much lower. The numbers are indicative and search intention certainly matters, but this gives an indication of why it is worth investing in search engine optimization.

Well-optimized pages are user-friendly, as Google also emphasizes the visitor experience when valuing rankings. User-friendliness means that the pages have enough content, they are easy to use and the user finds what they are looking for on the pages.

Only when the “home base” is in order does it make sense to invest in search engine advertising. Well-optimized pages lower the cost of Google advertising, so there’s one good reason to prioritize seo before starting a big campaign.

What search engine optimization is in practice?

When we start optimizing your page, we first analyze its shortcomings. We then provide recommendations on what to do on the site to make it easier for your customers to find them. In practice, this can mean making technical corrections to the site, adding and rewriting content, or getting links. Let’s analyze together what would be most critical in your case and what to do should be prioritized. We will be happy to help you put it into practice!

Our services include

  • Website SEO audit and recommendations based on it
  • Keyword researches
  • Content production and on-page -optimization
  • Search engine optimization strategy

On-going SEO

On-going SEO optimization brings the best results. We offer a on-going optimization service from 300 €/month.

Contact us and we will start improving your site’s visibility in search engines!

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