Keyword research reveals whether customers find your site

Fancy terms can often be used heavily in company websites. But just a glance at your own google history may reveal that the language people use in their Google searches is completely different from the terms you cultivate on your website.

Or maybe your site uses more popular tone. However, your own services and products are so self-evident to the company itself that there is really little said about them on the website or the amount of content is very small.

When a site does not use the language that people are actually doing searches, it is very difficult for Google to understand the content of the site. Sometimes there is another term for the same thing that people are used.

Why this is so important to understand? If you don’t know how people search on Google, it’s hard to design the content on a page for customers to find it easily. And that is why the page isn’t found in search engines and visitors aren’t flowing in through doors and windows. Keyword research tells you what is actually being searched for and how much. At times, this data is pretty cruel.

Keyword research as a basis for page content and effective Google advertising

You should do keyword research before writing anything on your site. Keyword research, which is properly done will help e.g. in the navigation design and other content planning, and it will improve on your content production. After completing the keyword research, you can utilize the right terms on your pages.

Naturally the research is also of great benefit to existing pages – research can be used to sharpen the key messages. Keyword analysis also gives you accurate information about how your site is currently ranking in Google search engines for keywords that are relevant to your business.

Understanding your keywords and their search volume will also serve as the foundation for cost-effective Google advertising. In addition, when you create landing pages based on keyword themes, your Google advertising Quality Score will increase and you’ll pay less for advertising.

Keyword researches from 250 €

Receive an analysis of keywords that are relevant to your business. At the same time, you’ll gain an understanding of how your site appears in Google’s natural (i.e., free) search engine results. You’ll also learn how competitors appear with these same keywords.

You will get

  • A list of the most important keywords (50-5000 keywords, depending on your business)
  • Your site’s ranking in Google search results
  • Recommendations for page development

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