Commercial and user-friendly content writing – also liked by search engines

The culprit of many sites is that there is far too little text. This is problematic for many reasons. First of all, users will not always be able to perceive your product as your service unless you write about it in multiple different ways. Secondly, Google still needs “food” in order to understand what your site is all about. You must remember to feed it.

Sometimes the problem might be that the pages do have text, but the language used is jargon and differs significantly from normal everyday language. Therefore, there is a risk that the site will not stand out positively from its competitors. And by using odd words, you make sure the page is not easily found by search engines either.

Therefore, websites need content. All text, articles, videos, infographics, games & tests images on the website are considered as content. Titles, meta descriptions, and titles that are important to search engines, as an example, are also content.

Commercial content creation

Commercial content creation differs from creative content creation. Commercial content can be creative, but the text always has some sort of purpose; getting the user on the site, directing the user to complete a purchase or forward on the site, or simply inform the user. The goal is to steer the buyer in the desired direction on the buying path – whether it is subscribing on a newsletter, a contact request or a purchase.

People in different stages of the buying path need different content, but the content can still have a commercial purpose.

When you create different forms of content to your site, it is a good idea to consider its distribution channel; should the text be optimized to be so superb that it is easily found in search engines? Are you going to share it in a newsletter or use your media budget to advertise it?

Content strategy & freelance content writing

Content creation is often a concept that can be easily outsourced to a freelancer -copywriter. We will help you with creating a comprehensive content strategy as well as writing the content itself.

We work as a freelance content creator and copywriter, so we can write articles, create SEO-content for search engines, write product texts as well as create other possible content needed in e-commerce businesses.

An efficient content strategy is based on a keyword research, that reveals the actual needs of users. The users’ needs are easy to meet with well-produced and interesting content. Content creators can also help with implementing keyword research.

We help in creating a comprehensive content strategy and writing the content.

Content production


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