An outsourced marketing manager helps you focusing on what is essential

It is well known – Marketing is a strategic and therefore compulsory part of a successful business. Product-, distribution – and price solutions are attached to marketing. Additionally, there is marketing communication, that consists of several solutions for content and marketing tools.

Especially in a case of small business, small and medium enterprise or a start-up, outsourcing marketing efforts is good to take under consideration. This way the businesses resources can be used for improving sales and other business operations.

Expertise on marketing for small and medium businesses

Are your marketing efforts are currently all over the place, done based on gut feeling and no one in you team is genuinely acquainted with modern marketing solutions? Marketing should not be done sloppy. This is how you can end up spending tons of money.

Modern marketing can be measured and in different channels you can quickly see how your marketing efforts are currently working. Although you should also give attention to the customer journey – not all marketing is supposed to immediately generate sales, but the goal is to gain as much customers into your sales funnel as possible.

It is extremely important to consider WHY is which marketing done, what are the goals and how to measure your marketing. Throwing random social media posts rarely does any good. A well-planned marketing plan helps you begin to understand the role of different channels and informs you where you should invest your time.

An outsourced marketing manager finds the most sensible solution for your goals and helps you in implementing them.

Outsourced marketing is a great option, even when different marketing tricks are familiar. When you should be concentrating on how to scale your company’s operations, it is preferred you are not additionally optimizing the company’s marketing efforts.

Concrete help for marketing efforts of small businesses

We are the extra help with generating more sales. Creativ will create a marketing plan that fits your needs and meets your budget. We will also implement it for you. We specialise in digital marketing, but at times using offline channels is preferred. Therefore, we will also give advice on how to execute more traditional marketing.

Creativ is a great choice for its quality-price ratio especially for small, start-ups and growing businesses. Marketing with Creativ is always custom made to meet with your needs.

Outsourced marketing services for businesses

  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Website improvement and commercialization
  • Search engine marketing (free search engine optimization and paid search engine advertising)
  • Planning content and creating it for websites, fliers, newsletters, social media etc.
  • Governance of social media
  • Network of specialists in graphic design, creators of websites and influencers

Outsourced marketing

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